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Weekly News Update: Viasat and Inmarsat to Combine; NXP and Ford Collaborate to Deliver Next-Generation Connected Car Experiences and Expanded Services

November 17, 2021

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Industry News

Viasat and Inmarsat to Combine, Creating a New Leading Global Communications Innovator

NXP and Ford Collaborate to Deliver Next‐Generation Connected Car Experiences and Expanded Services

Mercury Systems Completes Acquisition of Avalex Technologies

MaxLinear Simplifies Engineering Design for Home Connectivity Solutions

Kymeta, Intelsat and Fraunhofer IIS Successfully Demonstrate Satellite‐Enabled 5G Connectivity

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Impact of Copper Properties on High Reliability, High Performance PCB Designs?
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Online Panel: Next Generation 4D Radar Sensors for In Cabin Sensing, ADAS and Autonomy
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Software Defined Radio Applications and Benefits

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November 2021 5G & IoT

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RF GaN on Silicon: The Best of Two Worlds

Rubidium™ Signal Generators Redefine Industry Standards for Spectral Purity and Stability

The RF GaN Device Market: A Roller‐Coaster Ride



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NewSpace Terminal Testing Challenges and Considerations
Rohde & Schwarz

Testing Embedded Microcontrollers Using Multiple Types of Modular Instruments
Spectrum Instrumentation

Understanding the Basics of RF Signal Generation
Wireless Telecom Group

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Frequency Matters

Nov. 5: 5G/IoT issue, News/Acquisitions & Events, Space Market Interview

Jessen Wehrwein, Chief Marketing and Culture Officer at Quantic Electronics, joins Pat Hindle, Editorial Director at Microwave Journal, to cover the Nov. 5G and IoT issue articles, industry news, acquisitions and events plus preview an interview with Times Microwave Systems Director of Engineering, David Slack, about the trends/challenges of the space market.

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