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Special Edition: AOC Annual Symposium 2021

RF Globalnet Newsletter | November 11, 2021 | View web version here.
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Focus On AOC Annual Symposium 2021
CPI Power Supplies Capability
Brochure | Communications & Power Industries

CPI offers an array of CW, TWT power supplies for use in electronic warfare, electronic counter measures, and radar applications. These high-reliability supplies are airborne qualified, high altitude compliant, and feature pod-mounted capabilities.
Booth # 725

Ceramic Feedthrough Filters: Winning The Finite EMI Fight
White Paper | By Robert Meilleur, Corry Micronics, Inc.

EMI is a serious concern for devices that are externally powered or require signal wires that extend outside the device. The wires that connect to power sources, or I/O points, can act as antennas that will allow EMI to be received and enter the device, causing it to perform improperly. 

Power Indication & Relative Accuracy In Amplifiers
Application Note | Exodus Advanced Communications

The purpose and scope of this document is to explain amplifier power indication (metering) and typical variations associated with frequency sensitivity and bandwidth. Exodus amplifiers with our display/controller provide many monitoring and control functions. 

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Must-See Products At AOC Annual Symposium 2021
Product Solutions For Commercial Drones

Design engineers are faced with solution challenges as commercial drones gain market popularity. Applications will need high-performing, reliable, miniaturized solutions that can withstand harsh environments while also providing data connectivity. TE provides solutions that enable reliable drone applications on a commercial level.

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TE Connectivity
Booth # 137
4 To 18 GHz, Ultra-Wideband, High-Power, Solid State, GaN RF Amplifier Module: Model BME49189-50
Comtech’s latest development continues to expand on its innovative integrated RF GaN power amplifier designs by further increasing the bandwidth and power density. Comtech proudly introduces the Model BME49189-50, the latest in GaN-based 4 to 18 GHz RF amplifiers.
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Comtech Pst Corporation
Booth # 243
Integrated Stabilized RF Source: dB-9005
The dB-9005 from dB Control is a custom-mounted integrated stabilized RF source (ISRFS) designed to operate in the I- and Ka-band frequency range. This product features high accuracy and a wide temperature operating range and can be controlled and set up with a digital port. The units are packaged in a custom configuration with conduction cooling.
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dB Control
Booth # 209
Solid State, High-Power RF And Microwave Amplifiers Catalog

New for 2021, Empower RF Systems offers their latest catalog with updates on available amplifier technology. The brochure provides a corporate overview and describes capabilities, features, and benefits of their three major product lines: modules, air-cooled rack-mount systems, and liquid-cooled scalable racks.

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Empower RF Systems, Inc.
Booth # 548
Featured Multimedia
Model 8256 3U VPX SOSA-Aligned Development Chassis Demo
Pentek’s Model 8256 is a 3U VPX platform aligned to the SOSA Technical Standard with IPMI and connectivity for RF and optical interfaces for application development with Pentek's Quartz RFSoC data acquisition and processing boards. Pentek's SOSA-aligned products facilitate interoperability, reuse, and rapid technology insertion, all consistent with the SOSA Consortium's approach and vision.
Booth # 643
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