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October 4, 2021

Microwave Journal Podcasts


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RF Industry Icons: Irwin Jacobs, Founder of Qualcomm and Linkabit, Philanthropist

Irwin Jacobs, founder of Qualcomm and Linkabit, Professor at MIT and UCSD, and philanthropist, talks with Microwave Journal® editors Pat Hindle and Gary Lerude about his education, founding and breakup of Linkabit, launch and growth of Qualcomm, highlights of technology development projects, philanthropy activities, and outlook on the future of communications.

5G Antenna Systems Development and Testing Industry Update

Benoit Derat, Senior Director for Systems & Projects, Antenna-Based Solutions at Rohde & Schwarz, talks with Pat Hindle, Editorial Director at Microwave Journal®, about the status of 5G antenna systems development and OTA testing as the 5G Antenna Systems Conference approaches Oct 13. Go to antennasonline.com to register.

How 3D Printing is Changing the RF and Microwave Industry

Fortify CEO and Co-founder, Josh Martin, talks with Microwave Journal® Editorial Director, Pat Hindle, about how 3D printing has become mainstream and the impact it is having on the RF and microwave technology. Fortify is working with Rogers Corp to 3D print precisely controlled dielectric constant materials with low loss to create high performance structures. Sponsored by Fortify.


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